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I received Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at New York University in January 2020. Then I joined Amazon as Applied Scientist. My research interest involves Transaction Fraud Prevention, Adversarial Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Wireless Communication and Game Theory. During my graduate study, I have published 15 papers and presented at 9 international conferences. I have completed 100+ peer reviews for Journals & Conferences, including IEEE ITS, IEEE PES, CDC, TCOM-TPS, ICASSP, Interspeech, etc. In 2021, I served as Area Chair of the NLP and ASR category at Amazon Machine Learning Conference (AMLC). 

Amazon Machine Learning Conference
Area Chair of NLP & ASR  

October 04 – 07, 2021
NeurIPS 2021
December 06–14, 2021


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